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Guelph Marlins Aquatic Club

Swim-A-Thon 2020

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This year is full of big things for our swimmers; big goals, big trials, and big accomplishments. Thus, this year’s Swim-a-Thon is setting a big fundraising goal of $60,000! We can do this as a team Marlins! Monies raised makes a huge difference to our swimmers. It helps in covering costs of new equipment, training needs, and coaches.

Guelph Marlins had 15 swimmers who were heading to Olympic Trials in early April, something they’ve worked so many hours for, and due to COVID-19 this will no longer happen. Very disappointing for our members!

Our club, may not be able to host a Swim-a-Thon event this season, or it may be postponed until the fall, will still be in need to raise money for our continued minimal operations during the COVID-19 shutdown.

All non-tax deductible gifts of support are directed to support local club operations and not based on a Swim-A-Thon event being run given the current pool closures across the country. Thank you for your support!

About Swim-A-Thon

Swim-A-Thon is a registered trademark of Swimming Canada. Swim-A-Thon directly supports local swimming programs in communities like yours across the country. Swimming Canada commits 90% of the funds raised to promote and finance swimming programs of ALL levels in the local community of the participant.

Fundraiser Ended May 31, 2020

Sorry this fundraiser has already ended.
Special thanks goes out to everyone who was involved and contributed.
Fundraising Goal: $60,000
Total Raised: $6,985
Goal Completion

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